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03 Mar, 2021
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Why you should be thinking about thoughtful marketing…

If you’ve seen a significant increase in ‘temporarily opt out’ or ‘hit pause’ emails ahead of Mother’s Day this year, then you’re not alone—with a large increase in the number of brands employing thoughtful marketing within their campaigns.

The Thoughtful Marketing Movement first began in 2019 when flower delivery company, Bloom & Wild, had a growing number of customers reach out to ask if they could opt-out of emails just for the mother’s day period. Conscious that some of their most profitable periods–Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Christmas—could also be the most sensitive for their customers, the Bloom & Wild team developed new functions to ensure limited exposure to potentially triggering brand communications without their audience having to opt-out or disconnect from the brand entirely. Not only were these efforts incredibly well-received by the brand’s audience, they actually resulted in an increase in web traffic, brand engagement, database retention and positive sentiment.

Having started as a simple email-opt-out option, the Bloom & Wild team has evolved their Thoughtful Marketing efforts to limit specific website design assets and social media advertising too. Their Brand & Communications Director, Charlotte Langley, discussed this more with Amanda Perry, founder of SOUP agency, for our sister show, Top Drawer.

Aware of just how important this consideration was to their customers, Bloom & Wild wanted to give all brands looking to do the same access to their knowledge and ideas. They created the Thoughtful Marketing Movement website, where brands can access tool kits and messaging for implementing an opt-out campaign of their own and join the growing number of brands that are pledging their commitment to making a real difference for customers through considered brand communication.

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