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Talking Technology with Designsofa

Earlier this year, Designsofa entered the UK market with its new concept aimed at furniture retailers.

At the centre of its core focus is to help retailers combine the online and instore effect by engaging consumers through its digital concept, all in the control of the retail store.

Dan Hyllested, Managing Director and Partner at Danish furniture manufacturer Nordic-C - the brand owner, shares an insight into how Designsofa can help. 

"Designsofa is the largest Sofa program in Europe. Designed by you, is a sofa program focusing on the ability to design a sofa of your own imagination on the measurements you need. 

     Quote You design the sofa by yourself or with help from the furniture retailer, using a high-end 3D design program, and in 6-8 weeks you will get the sofa you dream of in your living room. Quote

The concept, whilst not new to the market, does offer a greater level of sizes and choices of fabrics or European leather, as well as a 10 year guarantee on frame build quality.

"Not only are we offering two types of look on the sofa, we also offer five different seating comforts, and four different back comforts to support your comfort," Dan revealed. 

"We offer a wide selection of textiles and leather for your choice of cover, and 16 different types of legs, in which you have nine options of colours in wood and three colour options in metal legs. All the arms are detachable for ease of delivery and in room assembly.

"With the 5cm interval on all width modules, you have the possibility to adjust the sofa to the dimensions the room allows, and you can therefore make optimal use of your space. There are no more standard solutions, removing expensive waste of space," Dan said.

In fact, Designsofa is already operating throughout retail partnerships in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Belgium, France and the Netherlands, with positive results.




The move to the UK has so far been encouraging, but wants to secure the right partnerships with the right retailers across the country on a select basis. 

Design sofa initially wants to create up to 10 key retail partnerships with future plans to build up the retailer base through geographically-selected locations under its three-year plan.

The company, which has more than 40 years of experience in the global furniture business, said it will support Designsofa by offering a range of high-end recliner chairs that are produced in its factory and full support for the first 12 months.

"Our factory has a unique location for the sofa and upholstery industry. The craftsmen have extensive experience and a long tradition of producing our furniture of the highest quality on the market, with double stitching a quality stamp on our furniture", Dan explained. 

"We will provide for 12 months many of the elements to make this a success, including free software, which works on an iPad / laptop or desktop, very sharp POS to help customers make an informed decision and a good selection of all the elements within the concept."
Using Designsofa, customers will be able to design their sofa whilst actually sitting on the product in store, testing comfort levels, while exploring samples of interiors.

"Based on experience from high-end furniture shops in Continental Europe, we know that our prices, quality and options, can not only match the best sofas in the business, but with all the options to design your own unique sofa, we offer a product which goes beyond the expectation of the client," Dan concluded.

Designsofa's concept aims to shake up the UK furniture industry with a competitive offer, while also helping retailers improve their technology presence, or even move into the digital world for the first time.

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