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House of Flora: Top 5 Trends & Sustainable Living

Sustainability, well-being and all things natural are still at the forefront of consumers’ minds when sprucing up their homes. 

In a year full of unprecedented events, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the wider issues facing the world. It’s not so easy trying to stay positive and keep that British mantra of “keep calm and carry on”.

An escape for many, much to the joy of furniture-related businesses, has seen consumers take advantage of the opportunity lockdown presented by revamping their living spaces, upgrading neglected products and perhaps treating themselves to the long dreamed-after mattress.

With an aim to inspire, this article looks at what is currently trending across the furnishing market. Interior designer and founder of House of Flora, Sonal Flora, shared her views on five current trends.
Sonal Flora's Top 5 Trends
“Natural wood furniture has come to the forefront. People are now starting to shift away from painted or high gloss wood furniture. Naturally grown, raw, grain-rich wood is the preferred choice. This may be due to Earth tones being a top trend in 2020/21.”

“Eco-friendly furniture is ever increasing as the nation is becoming more environmentally conscious. Furniture made from reclaimed wood or from more sustainable sources is a top priority from a consumer point of view.”

EU inspiration
“European inspired furniture is definitely a big trend this year. The general shape of armchairs and sofa’s has changed significantly and we are seeing more pieces with sloping arms, curved sofa’s and detailed legs. As people are taking a more minimal decor approach, occasional seating furniture is now considered a statement piece in your room.”

“Rattan furniture is another top trend this year and this is due to the consumers being more conscious and also because of how universal rattan is. It is not only used for furniture but is also used in lighting and home accessories. I think this trend will be around for a while as it fits in to both traditional and modern home styles.

Sculptural/Neotenic furniture 
“Consumers are now using furniture as statement pieces. Playful and unique shapes with natural textures such as boucle are an ever growing trend.”



How to Harness the Trends
Sonal explains, “Cluttered areas are out and people want a more minimal home. People are wanting to buy more collectable/unique items and showcase them around their homes. 

“Having an eclectic mix of pieces and textures is trending, consumers don’t want rooms that are too themed or are one colour palette. People are moving away from grey tones and want more warm hues.”

Back to sustainability, Sonal said that consumers are “more environmentally conscious” than ever before and this will only continue to grow – alongside the use of mobile devices. 

“Consumers want to know where their items are coming from, how they were produced and what is the company they are buying from doing to reduce their impact on the environment. 

“I have noticed that consumers are more inclined to shop local and are responding better to small businesses as it is a more personal shopping experience. 

“As technology is getting more advanced it has become easier and quicker to shop via your smartphone. With most our consumers shopping on our website via their mobile phones, laptops and Pc’s are slowly becoming obsolete. Therefore, making sure your online business is mobile friendly is integral for future business.”


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