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09 Nov 2020
January Furniture Show Dates Moved
January Furniture Show organiser postpones the event to 25-28 April 2021, due to extende...
21 Sep 2020
Time to Do More Online?
Andy Mulcahy, Strategy and Insight Director at IMRG, talks about the importance of onlin...
11 Sep 2020
Furniture Digest | BFM Industry Support, Appointment Systems & Retail Sales Increase
Nick Garratt gives an insight into how the BFM is supporting the industry. There's acqui...
13 Aug 2020
The Furniture Makers': Here to Help
Jonny Westbrooke, CEO of The Furniture Makers' Company, the long-standing furnishing ind...
31 Jul 2020
ACID | Dids Macdonald on IP Protection
Dids Macdonald, OBE Chief Executive - Anti Copying in Design (ACID), shares an overview ...
20 Jul 2020
Dan Oscroft | Whitemeadow
“We’ve made good progression, but we’re far from done yet” says Dan Oscroft, who...
10 Jul 2020
Real Business Rescue's Keith Tully on COVID-19
Real Business Rescue is a restructuring and turnaround service for businesses in financi...
03 Jul 2020
Furniture Digest | La-Z-Boy on COVID-19, Backing British Furniture & Uncertainty for Harveys
Insight from La-Z-Boy, and Barker and Stonehouse’s new campaign supporting the British...
02 Jul 2020
La-Z-Boy UK: Coping with COVID-19
Global upholstery manufacturer La-Z-Boy reflects on how its UK arm has coped with the co...
19 Jun 2020
Furniture Digest | Footfall up 40%, Advice from Retailer Vic Smith Beds & VAT Reduction
We caught up with Vic Smith Beds to find out how they are opening safely. Footfall was u...
17 Jun 2020
Vic Smith Beds: Coping with COVID-19
Independent mattress retailer Vic Smith Beds shares an insight into how they have coped ...
05 Jun 2020
Furniture Digest | Advice from Financial Consultancy & Consumer Demand
We spoke to an expert from Financial Consultancy Begbies Traynor to get advice and insig...
03 Jun 2020
COVID-19: Independent Advice from Professional Financial Consultancy Begbies Traynor
Gary Lee, North West Partner and a specialist in Business Rescue & Recovery at Begbies T...
29 May 2020
Furniture Digest | Financial Support & More Retail Reopening
The Furniture Makers' Company increased the support available, while Arlo & Jacob has ...
28 May 2020
Trend: Sustainability
COVID-19 has presented governments, businesses and individuals with unprecedented challe...
22 May 2020
Furniture Digest | BFC Inquiry & Guidance for Retailers
More information has emerged from the British Furniture Confederation (BFC) Inquiry into...
21 May 2020
How Retailers Can Prepare to Reopen
As several large-scale retailers begin to open their doors, many local retailers are st...
11 May 2020
COVID-19: The Furniture Industry Responds
We’ve been inspired by stories about these suppliers and retailers that are using thei...
21 Apr 2020
Manchester Furniture Show postponed to 2021
As a consequence of the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, the Manch...
30 Mar 2020
Manchester Furniture Show Venue Update
Organisers comment on commissioning of Manchester Central Convention Complex as NHS ‘N...
16 Mar 2020
Furniture Shows | James Howard
It may be a trial by fire, but there’s nothing like going out on-site when you’re st...
05 Mar 2020
The Global Outbreak of COVID-19
Following the global outbreak of COVID-19, Clarion Events is continuing to monitor the l...
04 Feb 2020
January Furniture Show is home to the industry’s market movers
The value of the U.K.’s furniture and lighting retail market looks primed to advance a...
03 Feb 2020
Furniture Makers exceeds target of 100 One Step at a Time companies
The Furniture Makers’ Company has surpassed its target of 100 companies signed up to i...
12 Dec 2019
Edward Tadros | Centenary Statements
Edward Tadros, Ercol chairman since 1993, says the manufacturer plans to hold a serie...
19 Sep 2019
Tom Hughes | Kesterport
Preparations for the next January Furniture Show begin almost as soon as the last one en...
21 Aug 2019
So Much More than Furniture
As the largest furniture and interiors event of the summer, MFS is an industry event tha...
23 Jul 2019
Furniture Industry Gathered at Largest Summer Event
Manchester Furniture Show 2019 came to a close with exhibitors reporting positive reacti...
12 Jul 2019
Manchester Heats Up
The mercury will finally rise as summer comes to Manchester for the 2019 Manchester Furn...
11 Jul 2019
Tim Robinson | Gala Collezione
​​​​​​​Poland has emerged as the largest European exporter of upholstery t...
04 Sep, 2020
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Appointment System Weeds out Browsers

As businesses adjust to life after lockdown, there have been plenty of successful safety measures implemented.

From hand sanitizer stations and safety signage to protective screens and face coverings, both businesses and consumers are doing their bit to make sure trading can be conducted as safely as possible. 

One other measure that has been well received, again by both the business and its customer, is an appointment-only system. 

     Quotation mark The impact of queuing on any retail business, even before COVID-19, was largely negative. 89% of us have left a store because of large queues, with 65% admitting going straight to a rival store to get what they need. Quotation mark

The main plus - from a business perspective - is the conversion rate. Shoppers that are booking in appointments are far more likely to complete a sale than those previously who would turn up for a browse.

Not only that, the other main plus - from a safety point of view, is just that. It's a safe way of shopping for both the customer and member of staff due to the limited numbers in store and allocated times. 

For the furniture industry, this has been adapted quickly and to some great effect. 

Furniture Village have recently revealed its initial success through its book appointments scheme, having taken over 1,000 appointments across the earlier Bank Holiday weekend when it reopened. 

Their system has been so successful, Furniture Village has seen appointments convert to sales at a rate of between 50 to 80%.

Another retailer, Norfolk-based independent furniture business Artertons, shared the positive feedback, stating that their conversion rates were also up when the after hours system has been used.

Artertons said that it has helped attract customers who cannot get into the store between their usual opening times, with all appointments resulting in a sale. The retailer added that advertising locally its system has helped spread awareness, which has in turn generated bookings.

And there's no sign of the service being dropped. 

Amanda Arterton, co-founder and owner of independent furniture retailer Artertons, said: "Customers responded gratefully. We will offer appointments as long as any customer still requires it. Footfall continues to grow and the level of high quality and high value sales has been very encouraging."

With this in mind, there are potential solutions for those not implementing their own system, including online booking system software provider Appointedd.

With many clients on its books, including Furniture Village, the system aims to aleiviate the issue on queuing, even if us Brits are known for a good queue. 

All jokes aside, the UK government guidelines state that unnecessary queuing isn’t compatible with a safe post-lockdown retail environment. 

Before we get into the solution, it is worth understanding the impact of how queuing impacts a retail business. 

Greg Dickson, CTO at Appointedd, said: "The impact of queuing on any retail business, even before COVID-19, was largely negative. 89% of us have left a store because of large queues, with 65% admitting going straight to a rival store to get what they need.

"The impact of queuing in post-lockdown retail is serious, widespread, and hard to quantify. That’s because queuing doesn’t only affect the safety of your store, staff, and customers – it also affects your neighbours.

"In the new normal for retail, any unnecessary gathering of people presents a problem. Not only do queues increase the risk of spreading the virus within your premises, they also present other risks like overcrowding."

Appointedd says it "really hate queues". It has developed technology to help retailers to banish the queue. 

"The best way to do that is by taking a robust approach to queue management with smart appointment scheduling technology.

"In the new normal for retail, we simply can’t have streams of people coming out of each store and making it really difficult to get around safely. Not only does it put people’s health at risk, it destroys the customer experience," says Greg.

"If your customers are having to dodge around fellow shoppers to maintain their distance, or take their position at the end of a huge line in an enclosed space, they’re very unlikely to want to stick around and spend their money with you. More likely they’ll never be back."

Appointedd’s queue management software allows customers book appointments for a store visit online, and appear at the time of their appointment. This allows you to control the total capacity of your store and maintain social distancing, process order collections with bookable time slots and allows time between each visit to reduce customer contact.

"By scheduling customer visits, retailers can remove the uncertainty associated with queuing, guarantee the safety of their customers, and deliver a safer, more enjoyable shopping experience," Greg added.

"COVID-19 is forcing everyone to change habits and ways of doing things, but busting queues is a change that will not only help you reopen and adhere to government regulations – it will also improve your customer experience long-term."

Appointedd has also developed a capacity management calculator that allows retailers to calculate their maximum capacity based on the size of their store and current social distancing restrictions in place.

Take a look and calculate yours here.
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