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03 May, 2021
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4 Principles for Engaging Visual Merchandising

 Visual merchandising needs to be on trend and consistent both online and offline, with a consistent and coherent style to help attract customers. Here are Visual Merchandising Consultant Kat Maclennan’s top 4 principles for engaging visual merchandising…

1. Create Inspiring Product Stories
Help customers get inspired and find what they are looking for by building simple, clear groupings:
  • Product type or Block merchandising – for example group all cushions together, as your customer probably already has an idea of what they want to see
  • Lifestyle – inspire your customer to buy-in to the story, you could use a theme such as outdoor living, a colour to create a strong visual display, or a look and feel
  • Customer-specific curated stories – such as products for children, or families
  • Plan ahead – work out how you will use various groupings throughout the store
2. Plan Your Store Layout
Plan your product and fixture placement on paper first to help you visualise how the store will look. Create monthly or weekly layout plans ahead of time, so they are easy to implement when it’s time for a refresh.
Things to consider:
  • Make sure the products in the window display are on the first fixture as you walk into the store, so your customer can find them easily
  • New product at the front of the store
  • Best-sellers in main sightlines
  • Destination areas
  • Alternating product stories and VM principles to make it clear when one story ends and another begins
  • Refreshing and updating product stories, even with existing stock
3. Design Eye-Catching Window Displays
Window designs can entice customers into your store, and set the tone for the in-store experience. Make sure to:
  • Align window displays with your VM store principals
  • Create a basic frame work and swap out products, such as a key piece surrounded by other items on shelves, risers, a table etc. This makes refreshing the display quicker and easier
  • Keep it simple and clean
  • Think about using elements of your window display in store, on your front fixture and peppered throughout the store
4. Link It All Together
In-store your window display, front table/fixture and touches throughout bring the whole customer experience together.
Extend this experience to your online presence too, including website, email and social media. Ensure that these elements are consistent with your physical store:
  • Graphics
  • Messaging
  • Photography
  • Product stories
Other opportunities include Instagram/ Facebook live events and offers, and appointment shopping and in-store events to help serve your customer and make sure they are finding what they are looking for.
You can also add value for your customer with service and delivery options, such as click and collect, curb side pick-up, local delivery.

If you’d like to learn more about Kat’s work with brands or get in touch, please do so via or @kat_maclennan on Instagram. 

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